This initiative was conceived in 2018 by Speke Uganda Holidays to promote sustainable tourism in the national parks of Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth. Poaching of wildlife is a major threat to wildlife such as lions, elephants, and illegal fishing, as such they made efforts to influence local communities to think about alternative options by encouraging selected guests on safari to participate in a “Wildlife-Iron Implements Program”.

 In conjunction with the Uganda Wildlife Authority, selected guests have the opportunity to hand over household items and farm tools in exchange for rudimentary iron implements such as spears, arrows used by the surrounding communities to poach wildlife.

In so doing, such implements are withdrawn from circulation and the communities are provided eco-friendly options for a livelihood. As a result, Speke Uganda Holidays were recognised by the Uganda Conservation Foundation with an award in safeguarding natural heritage via practical conservation and community initiatives. The initiative has gained popularity among their guests and has been a huge success to date.

Well done to the team at Speke Uganda Holidays who keep pushing the boundaries of conservation and community involvement every day.